Titan Crane a World War Two Memory in Panama

Titan Crane a World War Two Memory in Panama

At the shores of the Gamboa Zone we can find this ...

Is a large floating crane currently serving in the Panama Canal performing heavy lifts for lock maintenance. Prior to its move to Panama in 1996, the crane was based at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard from the end of World War II until the yard's closure in 1995. It was seized from the German Kriegsmarine following the end of World War II as part of war reparations. The crane was built by Demag Cranes AG as Schwimmkran nr. 1 in 1941 for the Kriegsmarine, where it had served in the Baltic Sea tending German U-boats. 

The crane was one of four sister ships, two of which are still afloat and in service.


On our showaround we were able to check this memorable Giant.

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